A High School Shop Teacher Was Arrested For Allowing Students to Smoke Weed in Class

This high school teacher was arrested for letting his students smoke in class.

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While on the surface it may not seem like the worst offense in the world, the more you look into it the more it makes sense that this Virginia teacher was arrested and faces charges for letting students smoke weed while in his class.

Domonic Leuzzi, a 23-year-old teacher at the Academy of Virginia Randolph, a high school for students who have issues with behavior and academics, was arrested after the school learned that around three students had been smoking—with Leuzzi aware—in his classroom. To make matters worse, Leuzzi had been teaching a shop class, and the idea of a bunch of stoned students working with very dangerous tools is a pretty horrific thing to envision. Luckily the school became aware of Leuzzi's crime before anything too bad could happen. 

"In my 18 years in police, I haven't seen anything like this," Henrico County police Lt. Chris Eley said.

Leuzzi currently faces three charges for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and is also not allowed to teach anywhere in the county where he was arrested.

Whatever your stance is on weed politics, maybe it's for the best that it stays out of the classroom—and especially shop classrooms. 

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