Kids Burn Donald Trump Proving They're Smarter Than Most U.S. Voters

These kids are not down with Trump.

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Super Tuesday showed everyone U.S. voters have no intention to dump Donald Trump. In fact, they propelled him to a landslide victory, awarding him seven states. "We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated," Trump would later thank his supporters. This was proven earlier in the race when it was revealed people like Trump because he speaks at a fourth grade level. Fourth grade reading level or not even these kids who were asked to react to the candidate who bragged about his penis in last night's national debate called him "mean", "undiplomatic","rude", and "the worst person in the entire world."

In a video for Fine Brothers Entertainment, kids ages six to thirteen react to Trump after watching footage of him in interviews and learning the Trump was a former reality TV star. We get a glimpse of America when we see Gabe a 9-year-old exclaim "I love Donald Trump!" But from there on the kids start to increasingly react negatively with dropped jaws at nasty remarks and even some eye rolls. Kacey, 11, reacts to Trump talking about his "small loan" of $1 million dollars from his father: "It hasn't been easy for me, but I'm filthy rich" she says in her best melodramatic voice clutching her chest. 

"We have leaders that don't know what they're doing" Trump says in a clip. "Like yourself" 8-year-old Sydney claps back. In other footage Trump is seen saying, "I don't like losers" to which a kid responds, "So you shouldn't like yourself then." Ouch. 

Imagine if the kids were told the more adult stuff, like the fact he has joked about shooting a person on the street (still being able to secure the GOP nomination) and how he consistently retweets Nazi-related images. Or the fact it took him a while to denounce the endorsement of a former KKK Grand Wizard, who said anyone who didn't vote for Trump would be committing "treason." 

Watch the woke kids above.  

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