Hallway Rat Attacks Man Annoying it

Rat in a hallway gets fed up with man poking it and attacks.

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Rats get a bad rap for being disgusting disease-carrying nuisances—because they are—but if there’s anything this video, and its soon-to-be-iconic Hallway Rat, tells us, it’s that maybe humans are real the nuisances. In footage that wasn’t left on the cutting room floor of the RATShorror movie documentary, Hallway Rat attacks a man poking it with a broom.

When not busy carrying a pizza, donut, or pita, rats are at rest, like the totally reasonable Hallway Rat seen here. The video begins with a man out in a hallway being recorded using a broom handle to poke a rat resting in the corner of a doorway of what could be his apartment building a.k.a. the worst place you can find a rat (second0worst if you’re counting your Popeyes meal).

Immediately after getting poked, Hallway Rat starts screeching and bolts forward toward the man, who definitely wasn’t ready for the rat’s reaction. Scared, the rat-poking-man backs up the stairs, keeping the extremely pissed off rat in sight. After seeing the rat is still chasing him, the man tries to swat the rat, but misses and up he runs into an apartment before we could see if the rat was ever going to give up.

As the YouTube video advises: “This is why you don't mess with a resting rat.”

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