Trump's Approval Rating Plummets Yet Again

Surprise, surprise: a new CNN poll reveals that the President's approval rating has dropped dramatically yet again.

This is a picture of Donald Trump.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

This is a picture of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump's approval rating unsurprisingly continues to drop.

A new CNN poll says the President's overall approval rating among constituents rests at just 35 percent. This number has dropped five points since last month. It's also the lowest number his approval rating has ever been.

New CNN poll has Trump’s approval at the lowest since he took office:

approve 35%
disapprove. 58%

Additionally, he scored a 58 percent disapproval rating.

Notably, Trump's ratings also dropped among Republicans. Don't cheer yet: 80 percent of Republicans still approve of his presidency. This marks the lowest approval rating yet, after receiving a similar number of 81 percent in September.

A whopping 5 percent of Democrats approve of Trump. (But how even?)

Of course, Trump's politics and mishaps appeal even less to young voters. According to The Daily Beast, he received an approval rating of just 22 percent of Americans under 35.

The drop could be attributed to Trump's stance on guns—that is, arming teachers with guns to fight further school shooters—following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead. As a result of the Trump's contradictory proposal, teachers have gone viral on social media using the hashtag, #ArmMeWith, to voice their opinions on the matter.

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