Students Walk Out of Classrooms in Solidarity with Parkland

All across Florida and other states, students walked out in support of gun reform.

Student walkout
Image via Getty/Joe Raedle
Student walkout

Gun violence is raising political consciousness among teenagers.

Wednesday marks one week since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, which left 17 people dead. On Facebook LiveCNN broadcasted aerial views of the hundreds students walking out of classrooms.

Parkland students have also called for more national walk-outs and mass demonstrations. CNN reports that the youth branch of the Women's March is planning another walk-out to protest gun violence on March 14, marking the one month anniversary of the school shooting Parkland, Florida. National "March for Our Lives" demonstrations are taking place on March 24 as well as another national school walk-out on April 20.

On top attending funerals, Parkland student survivors are hitting the road to advocate for gun reform, and students from other high schools in the country are following their lead. According to The New York Times, students have organized demonstrations in Tom's River, New Jersey, Bakersfield, California, Battle Creek, Michigan, and Iowa City, Iowa in the past week.


Additionally, The Sun Sentinel reports that Parkland student survivors arrived in Tallahassee​, Florida's state capitol, on Tuesday night to meet with state lawmakers on Wednesday.

Many celebrities, including Stephen Colbert and Jon Oliver, have praised Parkland students for taking such a vocal stance in support of gun reform.

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