The Internet Trashed Donald Trump and Mike Pence's Disastrous '60 Minutes' Interview

This is Trump's first interview with Pence after the July 14 announcement he was his running mate.

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Donald Trump perfected the art of the deal decades ago to become the tycoon that he is today. Hell, he even once wrote a book with the same title. If there's one other thing that we've learned from Donald Trump over the course of his life in the public eye and his presidential campaign, he's perfected the art of timing. The master salesman knows exactly when to troll his opponents and President Barack Obama to garner more attention for his political gains and momentum for his run to the White House.

Just in time for the Republican National Convention beginning on Monday, Trump appeared with his newly appointed VP Mike Pence on 60 Minutes for an interview with CBS reporter Lesley Stahl.  The interview created a firestorm on Twitter thereafter. Trump seemed stumped by some of Stahl's questions about his campaign and plans for the White House if he were to be elected.

You can see how Twitter is having lots of fun with detailing their first joint interview together:

If you want to watch some unaired clips of their interview, you can check them out on CBS.

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