Video Shows Teen Knocking Himself Out by Slamming Into Window While Robbing Louis Vuitton Store

Surveillance footage from a Washington state Louis Vuitton store shows a 17-year-old thief knocking himself out after slamming into a glass window.

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A suspect attempting to burglarize a Louis Vuitton store knocked himself out before he could even escape the premises.

Footage of the incident shows two people snatching handbags from the wall and pulling them from their security tags and seemingly just waltzing out of the store as security looks on. In another angle from the store’s security camera, another thief—who TMZ has identified as being 17-years-old—also tries to make a run for it before slamming into a huge window and knocking himself unconscious.

At that point, a security guard runs over and kneels over the teen’s back, and looks to be handcuffing him. The incident took place in Bellevue, Washington, where the suspect is said to be stealing $18,000 in items from the high-end store. According to prosecutors, the suspect was part of a retail theft ring that has been operating out of Bellevue.

It’s unclear when the robbery took place, and the suspect hasn’t been identified since he’s a minor.

The young thief’s blunder is comparable to a Quebec City, Canada suspect who forgot to cover his face when he attempted to rob a store. His face was captured on camera before realizing he hadn’t worn his mask. Once he had his mask on, he handed the clerk a piece of paper before speaking to him. The video ends shortly after their exchange. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear as if anything violent took place.

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