TikTok Video Shows Pilot Chastising Southwest Passengers for AirDropping Him Nudes

A Southwest Airlines pilot threatened over the intercom to return the plane to the gate if passengers didn't stop AirDropping him nude photos.

Photograph of a Southwest Airlines airplane

Image via Getty/George Rose

Photograph of a Southwest Airlines airplane

A new TikTok video shows a Southwest Airlines flight where the pilot was not entirely pleased with some passengers, who were AirDropping him nude photos.

The plane was bound for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, when the pilot threatened to go back to the departure gate if the passengers didn’t stop their antics. It’s unclear how many people were AirDropping him nudes, but seemingly enough to warrant a discussion over the aircraft’s PA system.

“So here’s the deal, if this continues while we’re on the ground, I’m going to have to pull back to the gate, everybody’s going to have to get off, we’re going to have to get security involved and [your] vacation is going to be ruined,” the pilot is heard saying over the intercom in the video.

He continued, “So you folks, whatever that AirDrop thing is, quit sending naked pictures, and let’s get yourself to Cabo.”


@robloxsouthwestair takes airdropping nudes very seriously. #AEJeansSoundOn #WorldPrincessWeek

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Southwest Airlines issued a statement to the New York Post, saying, “The safety, security and wellbeing of Customers and Employees is the Southwest Team’s highest priority at all times. When made aware of a potential problem, our employees address issues to support the comfort of those traveling with us.”

This latest stunt follows one from June, where a viral TikTok showed a flight attendant confronting a man on another Southwest flight who was allegedly AirDropping photos of his genitalia to other passengers. The man told the flight attendant he was “just having a little fun.”

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