Florida Teacher Fired for Telling Students Antifa was Involved in U.S. Capitol Riot

A substitute teacher in Florida was fired by a school district after she told students that antifa was paid to breach the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

teacher antifa

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teacher antifa

A substitute teacher in a Florida school district telling her students that antifa was culpable for the U.S. Capitol riot has been fired, TMZ reports.

A student at Bok Academy in Lake Wales, Florida caught the teacher’s rant on camera during a middle school language arts class, where she fraudulently alleged that three members of antifa were paid to attack the Capitol on Jan. 6, and were to blame for the violence.

“We've had trouble with this all summer long,” the teacher says in the video. “There are peaceful demonstrations, we're fine, until a bunch of antifa members showed up and started violence. This is just another example. They were paid to be there, they were paid to do violence so that the Trump supporters would look bad.”

The student who was filming the incident pushed back against the substitute, asking, “Well, didn't Proud Boys and Trump supporters, weren't they the ones who broke into the Capitol?”

When the teacher dismisses the student’s question, the student speaks up again, saying that most of the people breaching the Capitol were “wearing MAGA hats.”

"Anybody can put on a MAGA hat," the teacher responds. "When they're paid to be there and cause a riot, they want to make it look like Trump supporters, so they wear Trump hats and carry Trump flags. Does that make them Trump supporters? No."

The teacher also referenced a report from last week that said that facial recognition software alleged that antifa was involved in the insurrection. The FBI has debunked that report, saying there was “no indication” that that was true.

Dr. Damien Moses, the school’s principal, confirmed to TMZ that the teacher was indeed fired. “We met with her and she has been dismissed not only from our school, but also from the Lake Wales Charter School System," he said.

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