Zoom Call Captures 2 People Being Attacked and Fatally Stabbed

Two people were fatally stabbed in their Los Angeles-area home, an incident that was caught on Zoom. Police later captured and charged the suspect with murder.


Image via Getty/Larry W. Smith


Two people were fatally stabbed on Monday, which was caught on a Zoom call.

According to a statement from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the stabbing took place at about 2:45 p.m. local time in the Altadena neighborhood, which is 15 miles north of downtown LA. Somebody dialed 911 and reported a potential kidnapping; upon arrival, deputies discovered two bodies: the first, a man’s body in the driveway, and the second, a woman’s body in the home. The man had suffered multiple stab wounds. The victims’ identities haven’t yet been released, but both were Black and reportedly in their 60s.

“During the investigation, detectives learned that the female victim was conducting a Zoom call with a colleague, when the attack on the male occurred,” the sheriff’s department release said. “The Zoom caller witnessed the attack on both the male and female and called 911 to report the crime.”

As authorities continue their investigation, they figured out that one of the victim’s vehicles wasn’t at the home. A man named Robert Cotton later drove the missing car back to the home and said he lived there. The 32-year-old was subsequently apprehended and charged with two counts of murder, according to the sheriff’s department. It’s uncertain how or if Cotton knew the victims.

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