EasyJet Flight Delayed After Passenger Spots a Scorpion on Plane

The aircraft will be fumigated.

Emperor Scorpion

An Emperor scorpion wants out of a bowl during a media preview for 'Spiders Alive' July 1, 2014 at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The museum has the largest collection of research spiders. AFP PHOTO/Don Emmert (Photo credit should read DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

Emperor Scorpion

Another scorpion sighting has ruined travel plans.

Back in May, a United Airlines flight was evacuated after a scorpion reportedly crawled from a passenger’s clothing and stung another customer. Though the thought of this is incredibly unsettling, it definitely seemed like a rare incident that many of us would never have to worry about. Right? Well, it seems like scorpions on aircrafts are becoming a real issue.

Nearly four months after the United incident, an EasyJet flight from Paris to Glasgow was postponed after a passenger on the preceding flight had spotted a scorpion and alerted staff. According to the Guardian, EasyJet customers were notified about the delay through the company’s app: “We were hoping that we would be able to continue with your flight today but we were informed that a scorpion was sighted on board your plane,” a message read.

You having a laugh @easyJet pic.twitter.com/hzp84cU8b7

— Graham Mckinnon (@GrahamMckinnon) September 4, 2017

The passenger jet was located at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. 

"We only found out about everything through the easyJet app. At first it was delayed until 4pm, then 7pm, 8pm," customer Graham Mckinnon told the Guardian. "[I] overheard someone at the desk ask what was happening and they were told the plane was needing a clean. Then heard it was a broken chair, before the app released a picture stating it was in fact a scorpion that had been found."

The airline has apologized to those affected by the delay and has offered to pay for overnight accommodations. The flight is due to take off a day late.

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