Donald Trump Shown Bribing, Bullying Golf Course Workers in Unearthed Video

Donald Trump is seen bribing and bullying golf course workers in nearthed footage from his short-lived Golf Channel show.

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Throughout the Presidential race, Donald Trump’s opponents used his temperament as the main reason he could never hold high office. In newly resurfaced footage obtained by BuzzFeed News, we get an alarming glimpse of exactly what they meant. 

The footage is from an episode of Donald Trump’s Fabulous World Of Golf, the little-seen Golf Channel show that aired in 2010. It features Trump in Scotland, where he was on hand to supervise the construction of his Aberdeen golf course, which he opened in 2012.

In it, he’s seen berating landscape worker Paul O’Connor, who’s work he isn’t happy with. “I don’t know what the fuck the problem is,” Trump can be seen telling O’Connor. “You’re a very strong guy, you’re an opinionated guy, I’d probably be like you too.”

After threatening to “make a change” if O’Connor doesn’t fall in line, we learn later that Trump did indeed let go of the worker. 

Another clip shows Trump giving what looks like a bribe to his chief architect, Martin Hawtree. “Put this in your pocket, that’s for you guys, for you and for you know, your growth,” Trump says after stuffing a wad of cash into Hawtree’s coat pocket. “For whoever you want, or for you, I don’t give a shit. It can also be exclusively for you, alright?”

But perhaps the most disturbing footage involves Trump callously telling one of his employees to tear down a house that’s obstructing his views, despite the fact that someone is still living there. After being told that it could create a “stir” in the local community, Trump replies with “Who cares? Who cares? You know what? Who cares. It’s our property, we can do what we want. We’re trying to build the greatest course in the world, this house is ugly.”

Trump’s team has yet to comment on the footage, which you can watch over at BuzzFeed


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