Texas High School Student Caught on Video Punching Teacher for Taking His Phone

A high school student in Houston could be expelled after he was captured on video punching his teacher in the face for taking his cell phone.

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A high school student in Houston faces serious repercussions after he was captured on video punching his teacher during a heated argument. 

KHOU-TV reports the incident took place at Lamar High School in Houston, where a 15-year-old male student assaulted his teacher for taking away his cell phone. Footage of the incident has gone viral, showing the student towering over the older man before landing a haymaker right in the teacher’s face. The student appeared to throw more punches as the person taking a video of the altercation stopped filming.

The school’s principal, Rita Graves, sent a letter to families, reminding students that behavior displayed in the video will not be tolerated.

“We do not condone and will not tolerate this type of behavior. It is always our top priority to maintain an environment where our students and staff are safe,” Graves said. “Administrators will be looking into the cause of the altercation and continue to evaluate ways to prevent these occurrences in the future.”

Meanwhile, the Texas American Federation of Teachers is calling on the district to punish the student.

“By all means, he should not be allowed back on a regular campus,” the organization’s president, Zeph Capo told KHOU-TV.  “This is not something that needs to be tolerated.”

Capo added, “Unfortunately, we see too much of this. We see too much of this happening toward our teachers and toward our school employees.”

Watch the video of the brutal attack up top.

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