Chicago Tenant Convicted of Killing, Dismembering Landlord After Getting Served Eviction Notice

Sandra Kolalou was found guilty for murdering Frances Walker in 2022.

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A Chicago tenant has been convicted of first-degree murder for the death of her landlord, who she killed and dismembered after getting served an eviction notice in 2022.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that on Monday a jury found Sandra Kolalou guilty of murder and multiple other charges, including dismembering a body.

Kolalou, 37, was arrested in October 2022 in connection to the death of Frances Walker, a 69-year-old landlord whose remains were found in a freezer. Kolalou murdered Walker after the landlord served her an eviction notice. Kolalou then dismembered Walker's body, with the victim's head, arms, and legs subsequently found in a freezer inside of her residence. Kolalou is also accused of using the victim’s credit cards after her death.

Police tied Kolalou to the murder after speaking with a tow truck driver, who the suspect called to get rid of Walker's body.

“The tow truck driver actually gave us a location and explained the person he was transporting actually pulled a knife, so officers responded to that scene and placed the suspect into custody,” police stated.

Law enforcement also found bloody towels in a garbage can outside of the building.

"We learned this individual dumped a large plastic bag in a garbage can at Foster Beach and detectives were able to go to that garbage can and see that there were some bloody towels," police added. "Based on that evidence, detectives were able to go into the residence and they eventually discovered human remains in a freezer."

Kolalou has been convicted of first-degree murder, dismembering a body, concealing a homicidal death, and aggravated identity theft.

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