Airbnb Says Police Investigated After Philadelphia Renter Claimed Property Had Multiple Hidden Cameras

Airbnb has responded to a woman who claimed that she came across several hidden cameras in a Philadelphia home she rented via the company in a viral post.

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Earlier this week, a woman who rented an Airbnb in Philadelphia took to Twitter to put people on notice after allegedly finding 10 hidden cameras in her rental property.

“BE CAUTIOUS BOOKING AIR BNBs!,” she wrote. “My friend & I recently stayed at an airbnb in Philadelphia with over 10 hidden cameras all over the house. Including the showers and bedrooms. Some were disguised as sprinkler systems but it has a camera lens.”

She went on to explain how her group of friends found what they believed to be cameras disguised as sprinklers throughout the property.

“We noticed these ‘sprinklers’ CAMERAS were placed in spots to get a perfect view of people,” she continued. “Luckily it was a girls trip so I wasn’t having intercourse… but I was naked and had to change in this room.”

From there, the woman claimed she called Airbnb to get reimbursed for the creepy behavior. However, the company instead sent them to a different Airbnb.

“AIR BNB COMPANY DID NOT REFUND US!” she added. “They just switched us into a different airbnb else where. We reported this to them and to the police station Friday noon and still have not had a update on this case. We have no idea what footage this owner has and what he is doing with it!!”

Just a few days after the woman’s tweets went viral, a spokesperson for Airbnb says that the Philadelphia Police Department found no hidden cameras after conducting a search of the property in question.

The Airbnb rep told TMZ that the detective “Confirmed that he did not find any hidden or undisclosed cameras and that the fire sprinklers had regular sprinkler heads. The detective also confirmed that they plan to close this case.”

Despite finding no hidden cameras, Airbnb said they have refunded the guest for the hassle.

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