Toronto's Pearson Airport Is Such a Nightmare That 'The New York Times' Wrote About It

For locals, it’s no secret that Toronto Pearson International Airport redefines mayhem. However, when The New York Times writes about it, it's reached new lows.

Travelers wearing face masks wait to check-in at Toronto Pearson International Airport on June 30, 2022

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Travelers wearing face masks wait to check-in at Toronto Pearson International Airport on June 30, 2022

For locals, it’s no secret that Toronto Pearson International Airport redefines mayhem. However, when the newspaper of record writes about the airport’s disarray, it’s officially reached new lows.

“Turbulence on the Ground at Toronto’s Pearson Airport” is the title of the New York Times piece published on Saturday, in which the publication exposes their millions of American subscribers to the chaotic operations within Pearson airport.

Travellers who frequent Pearson already know to mentally prepare for the long lines, cancellations, lost luggage, flight delays, and all-around disorder as the understaffed and overcrowded airport continues to operate through the summer rush. 

Im going to spend more time waiting in this line for Customs than my actual flight to NYC. 🤯🤯🤯

Pearson is the worst…

— Asim (@GstaAsim) July 12, 2022

Google the word HELL and I’m sure a picture of #Pearsonairport pops up. @ryanwhitney6 you are bang on. Chaos Confusion Anger. From interminable flight delays to a luggage crap storm. Illogical & preventable. Stop the insanity. Please. Who would want to fly thru this?

— Rod Black 🇨🇦🇺🇦 (@RodBlackTV) June 19, 2022

So @TorontoPearson and @OmarAlghabra um,

What's the plan to sort out the security gong show?

Lower level not open. All bays not running. Elderly and kids 2 hours in line?

Please sort this problem at our nation's travel hub.#Toronto#cdnpoli#travel#pearsonairport

— Dr. John Gillis (@johnmgillis) May 15, 2022

No one is safe from Toronto Pearson’s mess—not even tennis star Nick Kyrgios and his girlfriend, who recently had to sleep on the airport floor due to flight delays. 

“It feels almost like a postapocalyptic movie, just everybody for themselves,” one passenger tells the Times. “People were yelling at each other; the public was getting at each other’s necks. You get to the gate, and it was just pure chaos.” It may sound like hyperbole, but travellers who have dealt with the same difficulties know that it’s not.

The federal government has announced plans to fix the airport delays and the Greater Toronto Airports Authority are launching an interactive infographic to help travellers stay informed throughout their journey. Yet, the return of random mandatory testing at Pearson and other Canadian airports this Tuesday will likely only cause further setbacks for already frustrated passengers. 

While the Times is spreading the word of the nightmare that is Toronto Pearson, they also recently published an article titled “Toronto Steps Into Summer” highlighting the beauty of the city of Toronto and encouraging people to visit when they can. Everything in balance.

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