Plane Crash Kills Fertility Doctor Who Allegedly Used His Sperm to Impregnate Patients

New York doctor Morris Wortman perished in the crash of a homemade aircraft.

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New York fertility doctor Morris Wortman, who was accused of impregnating women with his own sperm, has died in the crash of a homemade aircraft.

Per the Associated Press, 73-year-old Dr. Morris Wortman was a passenger in an experimental vessel that crash-landed in Orleans County. He and the pilot, Earl Luce Jr., were killed.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the aircraft was identified as a Whittman W-5 Buttercup plane. An investigation into the crash is ongoing but preliminary findings show that “the wings of the aircraft became detached from the fuselage and fell to the ground in an orchard," according to Sheriff Christopher Bourke.

Wortman served as the director of the Center for Menstrual Disorders in Rochester, New York. The medical office was founded in 1986 and was sued, alongside Wortman, last year after the doctor was accused of using his own sperm to impregnate a woman who was hoping to get pregnant through the use of a donor. Per the lawsuit, the woman's daughter saw the doctor in 2012 for gynecological problems and later discovered through the use of DNA testing that she had 13 half-siblings. He treated her mother in the '80s and at least six of her half-siblings were donor-conceived and born between 1981 and '85.

“With each new half-sibling discovery, Plaintiff experienced increased anxiety, migraine headaches, shock and confusion, feelings of despair, stress and other physical manifestations of continuing to learn that her donor father had been a serial sperm donor,” read the lawsuit, per CNN. The lawsuit is still pending.

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