Michigan Police Department Roasted Over 'Popo' Cop Car Photo

The 'popo' squad cars were apparently a joke, but it didn't hit the mark for pretty much the entire internet.


Image via Getty/ullstein bild


In an embarrassing move that makes no one look good, one Michigan police department decided it'd be a great idea if they made a "joke" about changing their squad cars to read "popo" instead of police, reports Fox 59. On their Facebook page, which makes no mention of joking around besides the hashtags and responses in the comments themselves, the Bath Township Police Department posted the terrible picture, explaining the change was made "in an attempt to be more relatable to the local youths."


They've since clarified that the picture is nothing more than a joke, explaining in the comments, "This is just a joke picture we made up in MS Paint, so we are still fully marked."

People weren't amused about the picture, and the department has already found themselves getting roasted on Twitter, to the surprise of no one.

Police department writes 'popo' on squad cars to relate with young residents https://t.co/6puT8eRwi2 pic.twitter.com/CDAfqu8Ku7

— FOX59 News (@FOX59) May 7, 2018

uh, what? https://t.co/tAg7jIzJ6T

— deray (@deray) May 7, 2018

Us: “stop killing us”

Them: https://t.co/Y7qTsgmjIz

— George M Johnson (Garçon) (@IamGMJohnson) May 7, 2018

“let’s call ourselves popo so the youths will trust and interact with us!” pic.twitter.com/32P45ftlPv

— ASAP reiki (she/ her) (@dopegirlfresh) May 7, 2018

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