Charlamagne Slams Parents for ‘Put Your Shoes On’ Challenge That Sees Them Prank Kids by Demanding Help in a Fight

A viral challenge sees parents asking their kids to back them up in a hypothetical fight, and Charlamagne tha God is convinced it’s far from harmless.

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A new viral challenge that sees parents ask their kids to back them up in a hypothetical fight has taken off, but not everyone is convinced it’s a harmless trend.

The challenge started to crop up over the past few weeks, featuring parents approaching their children to tell them they’re about to get into a scuffle. In most circumstances, the parent then requests assistance in case they need backup in the event of another kid joining the fight. The compilation seen below shows how it’s gone down so far, with most youngsters appearing either confused, ready to fight, or generally apathetic. 

The trend got a spotlight on the Breakfast Club this week, and while Angela Yee and DJ Envy appeared to find it amusing, Charlamagne tha God was not impressed.

“I can’t even believe we’re entertaining this conversation, I don’t like it,” he said at the 1:40 point of the video up top. “I don’t like people laughing at their kids’ pain, traumatizing those kids for likes and reposts. I hate it. You got kids crying on the internet, scared to death because you wanna go viral. I think it’s wack.”

He was met with pushback from Envy, who contested it’s “kind of funny, though.” He went on to explain that he doesn’t want to see kids fighting if “they don’t have to,” but he’ll happily teach his daughters how to defend themselves. “I really don’t like this, I think it’s wack,” he continued.

Yee interjected, “One thing that I thought was wack, was there was one kid that was crying, like, ‘No.’ Then I saw people in the comments like, ‘I’m giving him up for adoption.’ I’m like, ‘C’mon.’ That would make you a bad parent.”

Charlamagne concluded that while he loves jokes, especially inappropriate ones, kids should not be traumatized for a chance to go viral.

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