Coach Passenger Arrested After Complaining About Not Being Allowed to Use First-Class Toilet

The flight, which was headed from JFK to LAX, made an emergency landing in Kansas City.

Alaska Airlines

Image via Getty/Bruce Bennett

Alaska Airlines

After there was a seven-person line to use the coach toilet on an Alaska Airlines flight, one passenger decided to let it be known how they felt.

As TMZ reports, a man in coach sporting a Jets jersey complained to airplane staff about the situation, and said it was ridiculous that no one was allowed to use the unoccupied first-class toilet. Because of his protest after he was denied access to the first-class toilet, he has been arrested.

"By making seven people wait here to use the bathroom while the whole bathroom up there is empty, it's wrong," he said. "I don't care how much money you got, it ain't about money, we tryna' use the bathroom." The flight, which was headed from JFK airport to LAX, made an emergency landing in Kansas City after it was claimed he threatened to kill the pilot and others onboard the flight.

The whole incident can be seen below, including the moment he was taken off the plane. As of right now it's unclear if the unnamed passenger has been charged.

Earlier this month, an Alaska Airlines employee identified two men as suspicious at Newark Liberty International Airport after she attempted to speak to them only for them to run away. When they did she yelled, "evacuate," resulting in chaos. She pulled an alarm which resulted in the evacuation of almost 200 passengers from the area. 

"It was determined that there was no threat in the Terminal A-3 Satellite. All passengers and employees are being rescreened as a precaution," the airport revealed in a later tweet. The two men were found and released with no charges, but the employee was questioned shortly after.

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