Florida Couple Arrested After Using Fake Vaccination Cards for Hawaii Trip

A Florida couple that visited Hawaii for a family vacation on Aug. 11 were arrested for allegedly attempting to use fake vaccination records.

vaccine card

Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images

vaccine card

A Florida couple was arrested in Hawaii after allegedly using fake vaccination cards to avoid a 10-day quarantine requirement to enter the state. 

The man and woman visited Hawaii for family vacation on Aug. 11 and were soon arrested for using fake vaccination records for themselves and their kids, NBC News reports. Their kids were born in 2016 and 2017, and the vaccine has yet to be approved for kids under 12. 

“The screener at the airport when they came through noticed an anomaly about the age of the children and the vaccine,” Special Agent Joe Logan of the Hawaii Attorney General’s Office told NBC Miami. “And that’s how we got involved.”

The pair, who were arrested in Honolulu, have been charged with falsifying a vaccine card, as the woman faces two additional counts for their kids. They’ve since been released on $8,000 bail.

Hawaii’s Safe Travel Program requires people to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test that isn’t from over 72 hours before a trip.

Those who violate the guidelines face a misdemeanor. 

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