Man Allegedly Stabs Girlfriend, Posts Murder Photos to Her Facebook

A Texas man allegedly stabbed his girlfriend and posted murder photos on her Facebook account.

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A man in Texas allegedly posted photos on Facebook after stabbing his girlfriend. The gruesome images stayed on the social media platform for 36 hours before the company finally removed them. 

Plano police arrested Kenneth Alan Amyx May 30 for the murder of Jennifer Streit-Spears. Before police received a call from Streit-Spears' sister concerning her wellbeing, Amyx reportedly posted two photos: one of his face covered in blood and one of her body. Police say they will now be used in the case against him, according to CBS.

Amyx told police in an affidavit he and Streit-Spears made a suicide pact. They "agreed to stab each other until they died" but she backed out, so he "had to finish her off." When they arrived at her apartment Sunday, police both had multiple stab wounds, but Streit-Spears was deceased, according to Dallas Morning News.

The couple, who had been dating for about four months according to Amyx, agreed to the suicide pact after they discussed running away and decided against it. He also faces charges related to the sexual assault of a minor in Rockwall County and indecency with a child in Dallas County.

Plano #facebookselfiemurder guy always gave me creeps! Kenneth Alan Amyx highschool & mugshot @Fox4 @JustinWWaldrop

As to the photos he shared on Facebook, Streit-Spears' friend Fran Stamey described what she saw to CBS: "The pictures were not clear although they were extremely scary. I just started to reach out to our mutual friends to see if they’ve anybody knew anything. It’s hard to think that somebody would just do something like that and have the guts to post something like that."

According to Facebook's guidelines, nude photos, images that show excessive violence, and hacked profiles constitute three major breaches. A Facebook spokesperson told CBS graphic photos did not violate Facebook's terms and conditions. 

Amyx is being held on $600,000 bond at Collin County Jail.

A spokesperson for Facebook did not immediately return Complex's request for comment.

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