Donald Trump Wants Nobel Prize for North Korea Talks

Trump was nominated by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the request of the U.S. government.

donald trump

Image via Getty/Alex Wong

donald trump

Donald Trump wants a Nobel Peace Prize for his talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, so much so that he asked Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to nominate him. 

An anonymous source in the Japanese government who spoke with the Asahi Shimbun said that Abe sent a nomination letter on Trump's behalf to the Norwegian Nobel Committee. The source added that they did so after an informal request was made by the U.S. government last fall. 

The revelation that Abe sent the nomination letter comes just days after a Rose Garden press conference where Trump claimed that he had a copy of the letter. Initial reports were skeptical of the president's claims that Abe had nominated him with The Washington Post raising the question of whether or not Trump confused Abe with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Trump said that the Japanese leader felt grateful for Trump's diplomatic talks with North Korea, saying that he helped ease the minds of the country's leadership. 

“Because he had rocket ships and he had missiles flying over Japan. They had alarms going off. You know that. Now, all of a sudden they feel good. They feel safe. I did that,” he said.

Though the news that Trump had been nominated was met with shock, winning the prize would be even more shocking. Trump seems to know this, telling the Rose Garden crowd that he doesn't expect to win the prize.

“Many other people feel that way, too. I’ll probably never get it," he said. "That’s okay.” 

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