Brazilian Man Dies After Being Set on Fire by Wife, Video Shows

The shocking incident was caught on camera and reportedly motivated by "jealousy."

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Content warning: The footage below may be considered graphic by some viewers.

A Brazilian man’s shocking death was caught on camera.

According to surveillance footage shared by TMZ, Ana Maria Paixao is seen walking into a stock room inside of a store in Rio de Janeiro holding a bottle of fluid as she approaches her husband, Andre Chapeta.

Things took a turn when Paixao, who is just slightly off camera, allegedly doused Chapeta in the fluid. Chapeta, who is suddenly engulfed in flames, runs out of the room. His wife then moves out of his way and follows closely behind.


En un establecimiento comercial de Río de Janeiro, Ana Maria Paixão, arrojó un líquido inflamable a su esposo André Chapeta de 50 años y posteriormente lo prendió fuego por presuntamente celos, el masculino estuvo Internado en un hospital pero no sobrevivió a sus heridas

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Following the incident, which took place last Monday, Chapeta was reportedly taken to a local hospital where he was treated for severe burns that covered over 92 percent of his body. 

On Thursday, Paixao was taken into custody by law enforcement. She was eventually released on a technicality when a judge failed to sign the arrest warrant, according to TMZ.

Chapeta succumbed to his injuries and died on Friday.

G1, another Brazilian news outlet, reported that the tragic incident was motivated by “jealousy.” 

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