People Are Tweeting About Their New Superpowers as Winter Solstice Finally Arrives

This week's powerful astrological event could usher in a new era of humanity, bringing with it superpowers and equally super memes.

winter solstice meme

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winter solstice meme

Welcome to the Winter Solstice! 

In astrology, this year’s solstice marks a massive event known as the Great Conjunction. According to astrologer Chani Nicholas, Jupiter and Saturn will make a conjunction in the age of Aquarius, initiating a new 200-year era for humanity. 

If that sounds intense and powerful, it’s because it is. Many astrologers believe this year’s protests against racial violence and the social unrest caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are clear markers that a powerful new age of democracy, liberation, and social progress is on the horizon. 

This celestial event could even unlock some sci-fi super-abilities, as proposed by Twitter user @lottidot on Dec. 5:

Her tweet ushered in hundreds of memes that circulated on Black Twitter, which collectively set up various criteria for accessing their potential powers beyond the obvious: only Black people will be getting superpowers this Winter Solstice.

Now as the promised day arrives, folks are eager to see their powers manifest, sharing a mix of hilarious and inventive posts. 

Arguably the real superpower here is knowing that one woman's tweet prompted a month's worth of joy during this bleak time. 

Of course it's no coincidence that today is also Samuel L. Jackson's birthday. The actor turned 72 on this blessed day.

Happy Winter Solstice! 

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