Here's Why Burger King Was Liking Your Old Tweets

Hint: It had to do with fries.

burger king 2010 tweets

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - 2018/12/17: Fast food chain Burger King logo seen on Queen Street in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Hendrik Osula/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

burger king 2010 tweets

Burger King had many on Twitter perplexed after the fast food company began liking people's tweets from 2009/2010.

Needless to say, folks were confused. 

why is Burger King liking my 8 year old tweets?
You're about 9 years late. 🤔 @BurgerKing
Why did Burger King just fav this tweet from 2010?
why is Burger King liking tweets from 10 years ago
Um....why is @BurgerKing liking my tweets from 2010....lmao.
@BurgerKing wyd bk? liking people's tweets from 2009, 2010. like ok, joe.
Wait why is Burger King going through my tweets from 2010

The reason behind the move? Burger King is bringing back Funnel Cake Fries, which were first introduced by the restaurant in, you guessed it, 2009. They will be available once again beginning on Thursday, Jan. 24. The fries will cost you $1.99 for nine pieces at participating locations. 

some things from 2010 are worth revisiting—like your old tweets. and funnel cake fries. get them now for a limited time.
Burger King has funnel cake fries. Who is picking me up after work and taking me?

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