A 26-year-old Michigan man was killed on Saturday in an explosion that occurred during a baby shower. 

According to ABC, the explosion was caused by a small cannon device set off during the gathering outside of Flint. The device was fired in a residential backyard by the homeowner, before it blew up and sprayed metal shrapnel that hit Evan Thomas Silva, who was standing just 10-15 feet away. 

The Hartland resident was taken to the Hurley Medical Center in Flint in critical condition, where he later succumbed to his injuries and passed away. It’s unclear what Silva’s relationship was with the family hosting the shower. 

In addition to Silva, three parked cars were also struck by the explosive shrapnel. A handful of additional guests were also outside during the incident standing further away. 

Unlike other baby shower accidents, it doesn’t seem like this one was the result of some sort of attempted gender reveal. The cannon, which resembles a Signal Cannon, is commonly used as a novelty item.

According to local reports, the homeowner purchased it at an auction and had used it a couple times before Saturday’s accident. The cannon is designed to shoot a flash with loud noise and smoke, but not fire in any lethal way. Police said that gun powder loaded into the small device, which shouldn’t have been there, caused the cannon to crack and shoot shrapnel around the area. 

Local prosecutors will reportedly be reviewing the case for potential charges and a police investigation is ongoing.