Kellyanne Conway, the former senior counselor to Donald Trump, had the police called on her after her 16-year-old daughter claimed she was being abused.

Vox reports that her daughter, Claudia, got into a heated argument with her, which was secretly filmed and uploaded to TikTok. The clip was among many that featured Kellyanne shouting, swearing, and seemingly belittling her daughter. Additionally, some clips appear to suggest Claudia had been hit by her mother. She has claimed these are just some of the examples of how her mother treats her, and she's been filming such incidents for years.

"If you only knew what people thought of you," Kellyanne says in one clip. "You can't get coronavirus from the president," she said in another, despite her testing positive for COVID-19 shortly after she went to a party hosted by Trump. In a post on TikTok that has since been made private, Claudia asked her followers, "Like I'm not even kidding if any of you live in this area come pick me up." The video accompanying the post featured a woman that resembles Kellyanne talking with police.

TMZ reports that law enforcement sources say this was a welfare check, because someone called the police after they saw one of Claudia's TikTok posts about Kellyanne. The situation is under investigation, and this isn't even the first time police have been called to the property over a dispute between Claudia and Kellyanne. The last time police showed up to their house was on Nov. 2, the day before the Presidential election. Claudia has since said that her mom has been "physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive."

"That was not in any way to bring down my mom," she said in a later post on the situation. "They like to call me a 'rebellious teenager,' whatever, who’s making up shit, but I’m not. I’m not making up anything. I’m just telling my side of the story."