Marijuana rights activist Adam Eidinger, who has fought for legalization for years, is looking to encourage people to get the COVID-19 vaccine with free weed.

TMZ reports that Eidinger has launched a new initiative that he's called "Joints For Jabs," giving free cannabis in Washington, D.C. to anyone who gets the vaccine. The reasoning behind the initiative is to encourage those who might be skeptical, or an outright anti-vaxxer, to trust the science behind the vaccine. "We wanted to say, 'Look, the science that supports cannabis being safe and effective for a host of issues, including anxiety from vaccines, also supports the science behind the vaccine,'" he told TMZ.

When more vaccination sites have been set up in D.C., Eidinger says him and other activists from D.C. Marijuana Justice will be there to give away weed to those who get the vaccine. Despite the name, though, he added that they won't actually be pre-rolled joints, but it is a great name. He's promised that the process will be COVID-19 safe, with activists essentially "sliding a bag of weed" across a table to those claiming their freebies.

The plan right now is to launch at D.C. vaccination centers sometime in March, and anyone in the D.C. area interested will just need to fill out a form here.