Congressman Tim Ryan says that two Capitol Police officers have received temporary suspensions due to their actions during last week's riot. One of those officers you may have actually seen at some point since Wednesday's chaos, as he was at the center of a widely circulated clip that appeared to show him posing for a selfie:

The other cop is yet to be identified, but Ryan says that he/she put on a Make America Great Again hat and "started directing some people around." 

Ryan, a Democratic rep from Ohio, made these statements when he spoke to reporters on Monday.

“There were two people suspended," he said, according to CNN. "One was the selfie officer and another was an officer who had put a MAGA hat on and started directing some people around. It was the interim chief who determined that to be qualifying for immediate suspension.”

During the same presser, Ryan claimed that Capitol Police were investigating the actions of "10 to 15" officers that were on duty during the total disarray. He also said that an individual was arrested, but a spokesman later came out and said that was incorrect:

As a result of backlash against Capitol Police for their handling of this past Wednesday's incident, Chief Steven Sund has resigned