Over the weekend a New York City deli worker, identified as 26-year-old Ali Zubaidi, is reported to have punched a customer in the face as a result of a dispute over a sandwich. 

The NY Post writes that the skirmish happened around 5 a.m. on Saturday morning at a Hamilton Heights deli in the northern part of Manhattan. The 29-year-old customer, who was not identified by name, was reportedly not happy with the results of said sandwich. 

The argument over the food carried out onto the street where Zubaidi is alleged to have punched the customer in the face, knocking them to the ground.

Insert your own knuckle sandwich joke, or something more clever, here. 

The victim of the face punch cut his hands and neck as a combined result of the blow and fall. 

A phone call made to the deli on Saturday afternoon led to a man saying that Zubaidi had been working there for less than a month. You can probably make an educated guess on if he'll hit the month mark or not, but who knows. Also it was suggested that the customer may have been drunk. 

Zubaidi was arrested and charged with assault. He has since been released, and will next have to attend an arraignment at the Manhattan Criminal Court.