A Hungarian lawmaker issued a statement Tuesday announcing his resignation as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) after he was busted over the weekend trying to escape a "sex party" during lockdown in Belgium, per The Daily Beast. 

Jozsef Szajer revealed in a blog post on his personal site that he submitted his resignation Sunday after officers broke up an orgy in a Brussels bar involving around 20 men Friday night. He was found trying to flee through the window of the first floor apartment and along the gutter before injuring himself. When confronted by authorities, Szajer reportedly tried to invoke a parliamentary right to immunity, but he acknowledges that he only admitted to being an MEP when he couldn't provide them with identification at the time. 

A source bluntly described this orgy to the Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure (DH), saying, "We interrupted a gang bang." What makes Szajer's involvement in this mostly male sex party so interesting is that he has developed a reputation over the years for pushing forward legislation against the LGBTQ community. He played an instrumental part in reworking the Hungarian constitution which defines "the institution of marriage as between a man and a woman" and considers adoption by same-sex couples to be illegal. 

When addressing the actions that led to his resignation, Szajer, who is married, simply apologized to "my family, to my colleagues, and to my voters," and vehemently denied any drug use, saying he had "no knowledge" of the ecstasy pills found at the scene. 

The prosecutor's office in Brussels told The Daily Beast that 20 men were detained from the party and fined 250 euros each for violating Belgium's COVID-19 lockdown.