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Trump supporters who have clearly been drinking improbable amounts of the proverbial Kool-Aid believe kneeling in prayer can somehow have a magic effect on math.

Thursday night, supporters of Trump—whose catalog of failures includes a botched steak-hawking endeavor and an equally botched re-election attempt—gathered outside the Clark County Election Department in Nevada to drop down for some cloud-shouting while votes were counted inside.

Several supporters are seen kneeling and praying, while another places her hand on a window of the building. Per the Hill, one of the praying individuals made an offering to a higher power. 

"We give our hearts to you in the name of Jesus," she said.

At the time of this writing, perhaps as a sign of prayer's aforementioned inability to miraculously intervene on math (or anything at all), Biden was holding the lead in Clark County. 

In response to Trump's repeated lies about the validity of the votes still being counted, Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford gave a succinct assessment during a CBS interview early Friday morning.

"This six-page complaint they filed late last night is, in a word: garbage," Ford said, adding that Trump's legal threats and baseless claims are simply part of his efforts to "derail" the 2020 election for personal benefit.

Speaking of prayer and wasted time, let's not forget the arrival earlier this week of clips featuring Trump's purported "spiritual adviser" Paula White engaging in whatever the fuck this is: