After 63-year-old grandma Wanda Dench accidentally invited now 21-year-old Jamal Hinton to her family's Thanksgiving dinner instead of her actual grandson back in 2016, the young man and her family have made it a tradition now to always share the holiday together. This year's celebration is a little different, however, after the passing of Wanda's husband due to COVID-19.

Wanda's family and Jamal honored Lonnie Dench after he passed away from COVID earlier this year. Wanda and Lonnie were married for 41 years and both experienced symptoms from COVID at the same time, but while Wanda's health improved, Lonnie's didn't. After he passed away, tributes started pouring in on social media as "RIP Lonnie" began trending.

Wanda and Jamal have celebrated Thanksgiving together every year since 2016 after the two went viral for the initial mix-up.

While the joint families are still as wholesome as ever, it's heartwarming to see them honor Wanda's late-husband this year, especially considering how difficult 2020 has been already.

On Thursday, Hinton shared multiple tweets from their Thanksgiving celebration.