Surprising no one, the White House Press Secretary—who is apparently Kayleigh McEnany—inaccurately described the purported accomplishments of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

Per the Daily Beast, McEnany spent a portion of Thursday morning falsely stating that Barrett, whoever the fuck that is, is a "Rhodes Scholar." During a a briefing on Thursday, a reporter—namely, Bloomberg correspondent Justin Sink—noted that McEnany’s previously stated description of Barrett as a "Rhodes Scholar" was false.

In response, McEnany noted that was simply what she had "written here," ultimately adding a "my bad."

Put another way, I don't have the fucking time to break down how stupid all of this is, so I'm going to rely instead on the tweets of others. Those tweets, as you surely should have expected, are embedded below:

For more further examples of the Trump administration's recent acts of abject fuckery, look no further than the trash hashtag page.