Despite the fact that the U.S. will soon surpass 200,000 CDC-confirmed deaths from COVID-19, Trump would like his supporters to believe that it "affects virtually nobody."

The latest example of Trump intentionally sowing confusion amid the still-in-progress pandemic went down at another one of his health guidelines-ignoring campaign events, footage from which—as always—makes for a truly depressing watch.

"Now we know it affects elderly people, elderly people with heart problems and other problems, if they have other problems," Trump told a crowd of blithering idiots in Ohio on Monday. "That's what it really affects. That's it. You know, in some states, thousands of people, nobody young. Below the age of 18, like, nobody. They have a strong immune system. Who knows? Take your hat off to the young because they have a hell of an immune system. But it affects virtually nobody. It's an amazing thing. By the way, open your schools. Everybody, open your schools."

Obviously, none of that makes any sense, not to mention the fact that it's wildly insensitive—particularly as the purported POTUS—to say that something that's literally killed hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. alone "affects virtually nobody." 

On a similarly discouraging note, last week we learned that the USPS' original plan to have reusable face masks delivered directly to every household in America was reportedly blocked by the Trump administration.

In short, we are all on our own.