A coronavirus outbreak linked to an an August wedding reception in Maine has resulted in nearly 150 cases. 

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention spokesman told CNN that nearly 147 cases have been been connected to the wedding leading to three deaths. 

The wedding was held in Millinocket on Aug, 7 and around 65 people attending a the reception at the Big Moose Inn Cabins and Campground. This violated the state's coronavirus regulations which restricts gatherings to 50 people indoors, 100 people outdoors, and fewer if the meeting space cannot fit five people per 1,000 feet.

As a result, the state will launch an investigation into the event. As of Thursday, there were still 56 cases among the guests and their secondary and tertiary contacts. The inn has been cited for what has been called an imminent health hazard. The Maine CDC told NBC that a warning was issued, but more penalties could be levied as the investigation continues. 

The local hospital has reportedly tested more than 300 people who have came in contact with the reception attendees. Due to the outbreak, the Millinocket Regional Hospital is closed to visitors. As of Friday, the state has 4,667 reported cases of coronavirus, leading to over 130 deaths.  

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