One would be hard pressed to find anyone not affected by the apocalyptic tone of the current moment. 2020's a year that encapsulates a global health pandemic, the largest national protest movement in over half a century, what could be the most consequential election of our time, and a brutal economic collapse. 

How could anyone live through this year unphased or unchanged? Unless you’re Jeff Bezos or Tim Cook, it’s likely that staying indoors all day, spending no time or too much time with family, wearing the same outfit a week straight, facing eviction, losing your job, or losing a loved one to the pandemic...any one of these things would change a person. The San Antonio Spurs not making it to the playoffs for the first time in 22 years might also change a person, but I digress. The point is, we are certainly not coming out of 2020 the same way we came in.

One hugely popular meme, characterized by the phrase “you changed,” exemplifies these transformations, both good and bad, made in an effort to survive our current conditions. There’s nothing like laughing to keep from crying, right? Though some are less serious, these half goofy confessions, half cries for help are the dark comedy we need to get through the next few months of this hellish year. Enjoy some choice "you changed" moments them below.