2020 Election

After a tumultuous presidential election filled with harsh differences between party lines and bitter jabs between presidential candidates, Joe Biden has been nominated as president-elect. With 290 electoral college votes, Biden successfully defeated Donald Trump in a tight race, leaving the incumbent president with 232 votes.

The 2020 campaign trail faced challenges unlike any other as the COVID-19 pandemic ran out of control. In the months leading up to Election Day, Democrats urged voters to stay home to stop the spread of coronavirus. To reinforce this suggestion, Biden's camp pushed early voting and urged voters to mail-in their ballots. Alternatively, Donald Trump urged his supporters to show up to the polls to vote in person, as part of his diatribe against those who consider the virus to be real and lethal.

On Election Day, news outlets could not predict which candidate would win the election. However, it was clear the majority of mail-in ballots would go to Joe Biden, and Donald Trump was likely to pick up the most votes from those who trudged to the polls on Nov. 3. The days following Election Day proved to be crucial as state officials began counting mail-in ballots across the country.

After four long days of nail biting and ballot counting, the election results were finally called. The Biden-Harris ticket had won, and Donald Trump became the first one-term president since George H.W. Bush lost reelection in 1993. Although the 2020 election has a clear winner, the Trump camp has blamed the results on voter fraud and refuses to concede. Vote recounts were called in states including Georgia and Wisconsin where the race was too close to call on the days following the election. 

Since Election Day, countless lawsuits were filed in an attempt to curtail Biden's win, but most have been proven to be baseless when brought in front of a judge. It is not clear if President Donald Trump will allow a peaceful transition of power on Inauguration Day, even though members of his camp are urging him to concede. However, the election results prove Joe Biden will be moving into the White House in 2021, regardless of how many lawsuits continue to be filed. 

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