Some people want to be oppressed so badly that they'll leapfrog real inequalities. This line of thinking was on full display after a white woman claimed "racism" was the reason she and her daughter being removed from a plane.

Per TMZ, a woman and her daughter were removed from a commercial airline. The motive behind their exit is unknown, but neither the woman nor her daughter was wearing a mask. In a now-viral clip of the incident, the woman decided to plead her case while they were deplaning, stating that her skin color was the motive.

"Racism at its best," the white woman said to a plane full of mostly white people. 

The woman then started to argue with another (white) passenger who was videotaping her antics. This heated exchange moved the woman's daughter to jump in to defend her mother. Eventually, police officers defused this argument between two and escorted the white woman and her daughter off the plane. 

Because this woman thinks racism was the reason she was kicked off a plane, let's play a little game called: If They Were Black. If this woman and her daughter were Black, their actions would likely be seen as threatening since Black women are viewed as hypermasculine compared to their white counterparts. This, combined with the shaky relationship Black people have with police, would have likely led to her arrest, possible assault at the hands of the state, or—in a worst-case scenario—her murder. The fact she was calmly allowed to leave the plane while making a scene and agitating passengers is racism—but she's benefiting from it, not being victimized by it.