Another day, another video featuring an ignorant person yelling at retail employees for requesting they wear a mask

In a clip filmed inside of a Marshall's department store in Campbell, California, an unnamed man can be heard launching into a homophobic and racist rant after he was asked to wear a mask or leave the store. "You dumb fucking f*ggot, what's your problem?" he asks the employees after he was approached for walking around the store without a mask. "You don't know the law that's how stupid you are. ... It'll cost you $75,000, it's a health code violation to deny service based on someone's disability."

The exasperated employees can be seen just standing by as the man continues on his rant, which as TMZ points out seems to reference the fake "exempt" cards some people have claimed allow them to not wear masks in public. The U.S. Department of Justice has confirmed these cards, which claim to be from the Freedom to Breathe Agency, which doesn't exist in any way, shape, or form.

ABC 7 reports that the man featured in the video appears to be Bay Area resident Tim Gaskin. "It's a $75,000 fine," he continued telling the employees. "Dumb Mexican guy here doesn't know because he doesn't speak English." At one point, the man appears to unzip his pants. The employees informed the police of the incident, but by the time they arrived the man was gone.

"Our primary concern, obviously with this call, which I think is of great concern is the exposure aspect of this and if a crime occurred," Captain Ian White of Campbell P.D. said in an interview. "And that's really not to minimize the mask wearing and the times that we're in now, and how dangerous that can be as well. But you know, really looking at the crime aspect of exposing oneself in the middle of a populated store, and trying to look into that at this point."

White indicated that due to the man exposing himself, an arrest is likely to be made.