'Skatepark Karen' Filmed Being Arrested After Fighting With Texas Skaters

The Karens are now at the skatepark, apparently, with this particular example of the increasingly annoying phenomenon resulting in an arrest.

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Another day trapped in the limitlessly exhausting clusterfuck of 2020, another so-called "Karen" stepping up to have presumably dozens of articles written about them before the next one takes her place.

The latest edition of this revelatory farcicality of sorts comes from Austin, Texas and includes the utterance of the phrase "this is what your brain looks like on meth," which is thrown out among the filmed chaos by one of the witnesses as an assessment of the individual in question's behavior. 

Per TMZ, what unfolds in the video up top (and the longer video below) occurred at a skatepark in the city.

Early into the clip, we see the woman—later identified as Laura K. Lewis—getting into an in-your-face argument of some sort with one of the young skaters. At one point, she pushes the unidentified individual—referred to as a teenager in multiple reports—before another nearby skater (also referred to as a teenager) approaches from behind and dumps a jug of water on Lewis' head. 

The escalation from there is, to put it as astutely as possible, perhaps best viewed instead of read. Lewis is seen attempting to fight another skater, filming the entire group, falling off a short ledge after being taken down by what appears to be a defensive kick, and more. But most notably, she's seen toward the end of the clip being taken into custody by responding police officers.

The most recent update, once again per TMZ, confirms that Lewis was indeed arrested and charged with assault by contact after the responding officers witnessed some of her actions.

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