A man walking his dog in China was knocked unconscious after a cat fell on him. Here's the footage, which includes said clumsy cat running away right afterward:

I honestly feel like we could end this right here, but I guess I should probably write a few more things. 

This particular video was posted on August 14, according to the NY Post. As for when it happened, all we know is that it occurred "this summer." 

The man strolling with his dog is named Gao, and he was walking in Harbin in China's Heilongjiang province. As you can see if you watched the full 45 seconds his (shoe-wearing?) dog does end up cornering the cat, which sits somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of running away (bad dog) and ripping the cat's head off (good dog). While the video cuts out, both animals reportedly went unharmed. 

Reports say the cat belonged to an elderly neighbor, and that it fell off that neighbor's balcony. 

As the New York Post wrote, Gao wasn't "feline fine" after the event, which is a somewhat adorable way of saying he spent more than three weeks in a hospital with a cervical spinal cord injury, and has to wear a neck brace and go to physical therapy. He is currently recovering from home. 

Gao is looking for compensation from his neighbor. That compensation is still being debated. It's not clear if authorities are involved.