Moments after being attacked by a shark while swimming off the coast of Australia's Fitzroy Island, Anika Craney was captured on camera after being airlifted to Cairns Hospital in Queensland, shouting, "I still love sharks, sharks are beautiful!"

"There were doctors on scene at Fitzroy Island and they provided first aid…[Craney] ended up with a possible fracture of the left lower ankle and some lacerations from the shark bite," Queensland Ambulance Service critical care flight paramedic Terry Cumming told the Brisbane Times.

"[At the time] she was relaxing [and swimming] on the island," Cumming added. "She's actually doing a shark documentary and it's her day off today." Craney is part of a seven-person crew that was filming for a series on their YouTube channel, while staying aboard the Barefoot II vessel which was coming to the city of Cairns to restock and refuel. 

Barefoot II captain Dean Cropp said that Craney, who was listed as a deckhand, videographer, and nurse, was swimming back from the island with another crew member when the shark grabbed her left leg. She was escorted back to the boat, and seen by an off-duty doctor on the island shore. 

Craney is currently in stable condition. Cropp believes she is "more worried about missing out on the adventure then the injuries" she sustained.