Officer Karen—a McMuffin-obsessed cop also known by nicknames including Officer McMuffin, Karen McMuffin, etc.—has addressed the recent virality of her wholly embarrassing display of entitlement.

The cop in question, identified by way of a new NBC News report as a Georgia sheriff's officer by the name of Stacy Talbert, says the widely trashed video in question was originally broadcast via Facebook Live early Monday following a late shift. Confusingly, she also makes the claim that the public missed the point of the video, which centered on the cop's bizarrely emotional response to a McMuffin delay amid worldwide protests inspired by issues that actually matter.

"Everybody lost the whole point of the video," she said. "I'm just so sick of people being mean." The McDonald's employees in question, however, have since been confirmed as having simply done their job. They did not mistreat the officer in any way.

"We are happy to report that the officer was never denied service and also shared positive feedback on the employee with whom she interacted," the restaurant owners were quoted as saying in Janelle Griffith's report late Wednesday. 

And while Talbert has conceded that she understands why the video was trashed by many, it still doesn't sound like she fully gets it.

"It was completely selfish," she said. "Maybe that's insensitive. But if everyone else is saying what's going on with them. Why can't I?"