An Oklahoma City woman reportedly shot at three McDonald's employees this week after she was told the dining area was closed. Local NBC affiliate KFOR reports that police believed there were two suspects in the shooting, but it was later determined there was only one.

The shooting took place at around 6:25 p.m. on Wednesday at the McDonald's at SW 89th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, Oklahoma City. One employee was struck in the arm, while a second was hit with bullet shrapnel in the neck and shoulder. A third employee was also hit with shrapnel, and all three wounded were taken to a nearby hospital and are expected to make a full recovery. Two of them were reportedly 16 years old.

Oklahoma City police said that the woman grew increasingly irritated when she was told the restaurant's dining area was closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As CNN pointed out, this is the latest in a line of violence from customers angry at social distancing restrictions. Recently a Family Dollar security guard was shot after he asked a customer to wear a face mask. Another similar incident took place at a Dollar Tree store when a man wiped his nose on a worker's shirt after he was told he needed to wear a mask to shop at the store.