Trump Calls for Schools to Reopen 'ASAP' Despite COVID-19

As the death count for the coronavirus approaches 100K, Trump took to the tweets to urge a reopening of educational institutions, citing "much very good" info.


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Despite continued COVID-19 concerns here in the U.S., Trump is calling for schools to be reopened "ASAP."

This urging, of course, took place on Twitter and saw Trump citing what he said was "much very good information" that he claims is "now available." To top it all off, he tagged Fox News.

Trump's call for the potential endangering of children comes as the CDC's count of coronavirus-related deaths approaches 100,000. As of May 24, the agency was reporting 97,049 deaths and more than 1.6 million total cases. Trump, meanwhile, golfed at his Virginia club over the weekend. Both acts of Trumpery have been widely trashed:

Trump also recently shared similarly tone-deaf messaging with regards to places of worship. Last Friday, he announced that his team was issuing coronavirus guidance in which places of worship were deemed "essential." He also called on state governors to reopen churches and other places of worship, ultimately threatening to override those who didn't follow the guidelines, which are actually voluntary in nature.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci—the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a crucial voice in the coronavirus era—recently gave virtual graduation addresses to Johns Hopkins University and the College of the Holy Cross.

"I encourage you to stay strong and unflinching. The country and the world need your talent, your energy, your resolve and your character," Dr. Fauci told Holy Cross students on Friday, perNPR.

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