New York City authorities are making it clear that the shelter-in-place policy is still in effect despite the warm weather. 

The New York City Police department issued over 50 summonses on Saturday, with most of them going to those who ignored the social distancing policies, the New York Post reports.

"In parks specifically yesterday, we issued 43 summonses," NYPD commissioner Dermot Shea said during a joint press briefing with Mayor Bill de Blasio. Shea went on to add that eight other summons were issued to people outside of the parks, bringing the total to 51 citations. Although Shea admits that not all of these citations were for ignoring social distancing order, he says that "the majority were."

The weather is starting to break in the Big Apple with temperatures reaching 73 degrees on Saturday. As a result, people are inching their way out of their homes. Shea understands that New Yorkers have been confined to their residences since March, and he sympathizes with their plight. Shea also revealed that police witnessed "tens of thousands" of safe interactions. He just wants New Yorkers to be a little more patient as the city fights to flatten the curves. 

"I would just reiterate that we had tens of thousands of interactions with people all across the city yesterday, most of them without having to issue any type of enforcement activity, whether it’s a summons or arrest. New Yorkers are exhibiting extreme patience for the last few months. We’re going to ask for a little more of it," Shea said while Mayor de Blasio added that "the vast majority of New Yorkers are following the rules."