Clorox, no doubt thanks to COVID-19 cleaning concerns, said Friday that its fiscal third quarter sales had been hit with a 15 percent jump.

CNBC has the details, reporting that fiscal third quarter net income for Clorox was $241 million, i..e $1.89 per share. That's up from $187 million ($1.44 per share) one year earlier. The 15 percent headline-included figure comes from the leap in overall net sales to $1.78 billion. Organic sales, meanwhile, saw an increase of 17 percent for the quarter. 

When broken down into specifics, the jump becomes even more apparent. When looking solely at Clorox's cleaning division, which counts disinfectant wipes and bleach and whatnot, sales growth for the quarter was at an even more impressive 32 percent.

"Beyond the extraordinary growth in our disinfecting products, we saw broad-based growth across all four segments as our portfolio is uniquely positioned to serve consumers in this unprecedented time," Benno Dorer, chair and CEO of the Clorox Company, said in a press release. "Importantly, our business was on track to deliver growth for the back half of the fiscal year in line with our expectations, even ahead of the pandemic."

Dorer added that the Clorox team's respective hearts "go out to" those affected by COVID-19, adding that the company is in the privileged position of being able to assist in the health of the general public. The third quarter financial results, Dorer said, reflects the company's "commitment to doing everything we can" to support consumers during this time.

And one more time for everyone in the back: Do not inject or otherwise consume bleach and/or other disinfectants, squidbrains.

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