A Wisconsin woman is finding out crime doesn't pay.

Wisconsin woman Cindy Schulz-Juedes offered a $25,000 reward for any information relating to the 2006 death of her husband, Kenneth Juedes—but she has been arrested in connection to the killing, NBC News reports. She was arrested on November 27.

“From the onset of this investigation, all evidence led detectives to believe Kenneth was intentionally shot to death while in his home,” Marathon County Sheriff Scott R. Parks said in a statement, the news outlet reports. Schulz-Juedes was in court on Monday.

Some six months after his murder, investigators found a letter filled with details about the murder.

"We did receive an anonymous letter which we believe to be authored by the killer, it was received with a St.Paul, Minnesota postmark," lead investigator Sean McCarthy said in 2011. "That person out there that sent this, certainly had information. And I certainly like to think that if they had information to share, they would come forward, or come forward in some form, one way or another and produce or provide the information that we're seeking."

The woman is being held at Marathon County Jail and her bail has been set $1 million.

Juedes was found dead in his home back in 2006, and there has been an open investigation into his murder for years. His wife had remained a person of interest in his death for all this time.

Two of Juedes' children always thought that the woman had a role to play in their father's death. They believed that Schulz-Juedes was really after Juedes' life insurance. She received hundreds of thousands of dollars after his death, according to WSAW-TV.